Nigeria Facts:

· Africa’s most populated country with about 140 million people.

· Motto: “Unity and Faith, Peace and Progress.”

·Official Language: English

· Currency: Naira

· Climate: 2 seasons – the rainy season (April-October) and the dry season.

 · Lagos is most populous city and the 7th      fastest growing city in the world.

 · Local time: Nigeria is +1 GMT 6 hours ahead of U.S (EST)

 · Measures: Metric system.

                                                                                       · Cars drive on the right side of  the road

 Additional Information

Flanked by Benin Republic on the West Coast and Cameroon on the East, Nigeria is a country located in West Africa with a population of over 140 million. Divided into 36 different states, the capital city of Abuja is the political center, while the city of Lagos is the commercial one. A Republic, the country has had a long history of both democratic and military rules. But it is currently governed using The American style of Democracy with a strong center, a President, Senate, and House of Representatives as the Executive and Legislative branches respectively. The judiciary is held by a Supreme Court at the center, supported by other Federal, State and Local courts.

A producer of Petroleum, Nigeria is rich in other minerals. It is a major supplier of Petroleum to The U.S.

With more than 250 ethnic groups speaking as many languages, Nigeria is rich in culture. Each ethnic group has distinctive cultural attractions. Tourists are fond of visiting different cities with different cultures and cultural activities. Celebrations, festivals, dance groups, all offer exciting things for tourists to enjoy.

There are the natural features like waterfalls, beaches, wildlife, rivers, mountain ranges, and many more making tourists want to spend a lot of time exploring this country.

The city of Badagry tells the story of the slave trade with its structures built during that period and a historical preservation of the time.

Come explore Nigeria’s investment opportunities in various sectors of this growing economy, including Petroleum, Minerals, Agricultural products, Mining, Alternate and reusable energy, Food processing and preservation.A tourist will leave Nigeria itching to return.

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